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Anxiety Awareness Film

2014-09-16 07:39:51 by Maccamuffin

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've made any posts to Newgrounds. Been very caught up in the life of a year twelve haha. This is my anxiety awareness film.

I used to suffer from an anxiety disorder for a large portion of high school, and this film is a personal account of my road to mental health. I have made this film in hope that it helps to guide others who are still suffering from anxiety, encouraging them to seek help. I hope that perhaps it can also help people to identify feelings of anxiety that they do not know are even there. 
So here is my Year 12 film project, which is designed and formatted as a web advertisement to be played before YouTube videos (theoretically). I hope you enjoy it.



2012-08-10 04:27:17 by Maccamuffin

A Re-Cut Trailer made using footage from Toy Story 3 and the Prometheus trailer. Myself and two girls made this trailer on a school workshop in 2 hours, it was a heap of fun to make. Enjoy 'ToyMetheus'! :D

Here's my English speech that I made myself and presented in class today. I think I went well. :D


The ACB Australian game classification system should reconsider its standards.

The Australian Classification Board, or for short the ACB, is the primary classification system used for video games in Australia. For many years, this system has classified, and refused classification to games in Australia by what the majority of gamers call unfair, and ridiculous classifications. I say the time for a change in the systems standards and strict levels is NOW.

I'm not talking just about games that were refused classification, such as the new 'Mortal Kombat', I'm talking about ALL unfairly classified games that have fallen victim to the system. Let me show you one example, a World War 2 flight simulator, 'birds of prey', released and classified by the American classification system, the ESRB, was made to be E-10+, which is the equivalent to our PG, whereas the exact same game, unchanged and rated by the Australian classification system, the ACB, was classified MA-15+. What does this say to you? How can Australian gamers NOT be outraged when we are suffering to this ridiculous system! A recent first person shooter released for the Xbox and the PC, 'Alien vs. Predator', was told that is was to be COMPLETELY censored in all blood and gore before it was allowed classification in Australia, which the developers simply said that they would never do. The developers said either the game is to be released unchanged, or they would not even bother trying to release their game. Eventually, the ACB gave way for a completely unchanged game to be released, but ONLY because of the fact that the game was in the 'sci-fi' context of the future and certain events were uncontrollable by players in-game so consumers were very pleased that the ACB came to their senses on a this rare occasion, and were sensible in their decision.

Now let's take the time to think about these points. The ACB is officially the strictest classification system in the western world. It is one among of China and Iran for the amount of censorship taken place. However, the way games were classified in Australia, was not ALWAYS an abomination. Before the ACB, which previously only classified movies, the OFLC, or the "Office of Film and Literature classification", was in charge of classifying video games. It used different classification terms, criteria and conditions which was a great system for Australia to have. At some point in your gaming lives, you may have noticed a slight change in how those games on the shelf looked at your local retailers; that they looked... different. You couldn't quite put your finger on it. You may have noticed this specifically, in 2006, when the OFLC was dissolved, and the ACB took charge. Those 'g-8+' or 'M-15+' symbols that used to be in the corner of the box were replaced with those symbols used by the ACB, which were also used for film classification. Look at ANY of your old PC or console games. Look at cases of your GameCube, Playstation 2, or the original Xbox games. In the bottom corners, they carried the holy symbols of the OFLC. Now, games carry the unholy symbols of the ACB.

I believe I speak for the majority of the gaming community, console and PC alike, when I say the ACB is not currently fit for video game classification. Only until they reconsider their standards of classification, or until the OFLC is reinstated, this gamer, and many others, will NEVER be satisfied.

Tell me what you think of it. :)

My English Public Speaking Presentation.

AVP [CMA] Teaser Trailer Animation.

2011-03-02 00:59:23 by Maccamuffin

Hey guys!

After a lot of time, effort, crashing and decompiling, I've finally submitted my AVP [CMA] animation! Check it out! :D
Hope you enjoy the show. :)

NOTE: [CMA] is an Australian online AVP3 clan lead by our leader 'Tyranus'. He is the founder of our glorious clan. Although we are not alone up there. Our rivals, "[-=MXC=-]" challenge us to keep ourselves on our toes in-game, And a newcomer clan, <MAE> will hopefully prove a challenge. We are friendly and mates to those who wish to do the same with us, and we are sportsmen in-game so don't be afraid to show your skills, and have a good time. :) We play on our own and [-=MXC=-]'s dedicated servers which have simple rules. 'E/grabs from behind" are prohibited. Trophy kills are accepted however. Hopefully I shall see you in-game someday. My Steam & in-game name is "[CMA] Phalan-Sgt. Baikov". Recruitment is generally invitation only, however we will leave no stone unturned. If you think [CMA] is the right clan for you, give one of us members a heads up, and we will see to it that you are mentioned to our administrators. And with that, enjoy yourselves!


AVP [CMA] Teaser Trailer Animation.

Personal Summer Holiday project

2010-12-06 07:45:09 by Maccamuffin

Hey guys! Maccamuffin here.

First of all, let me just start with the fact that I won third place in the manga drawing competition at school. :D I'm very happy about that.

Second, I'm probably not gonna finish that DDay flash movie. It's half finished and I got my grade for it, (A+) but I can't find anything to motivate me to do it anymore. I might do it if I'm really bored or something like that but don't expect it anytime soon. p.s It's only a music craft class so almost any flash movie would have received high marks. After all it was a "powerpoint" project but I worked my way around.

And THIRD and this is about the main subject. Oh wait before I say that there is a little back story to it. Bear with me people, don't fall asleep yet. Back in year 7, me and three friends wrote a creative writing piece for English. When we finished it, I said "one day, I'm gonna animate this." And I'm going to achieve my goal. Because of schoolwork and end of year exams, I found myself unable to get started animating anything at all, and now that I have 2 months, over this summer holidays, I'm gonna animate the first episode of the story. This is a story I highly motivated to animate and the first episode will hopefully be out before the end of the summer holidays.

Thanks for reading guys!

New audio composition

2010-09-07 02:03:26 by Maccamuffin

Hey everybody! I'm making an animation for Music Craft class and I have released my audio before the actual movie itself. Go the the D'day: Omaha beach composition here to listen and for a bit more info.

Da Munchers is up!

2010-08-10 08:33:07 by Maccamuffin

My First animation is finally online! "Munchers Short:Headphones"
I would also like to thank Redback93 for designing my thumbnail and profile picture.
Redback93 greatly enjoys graphic design. If you ever need a logo, thumbnail, profile picture or forum signature, he'd happily create one for you. Just leave him a PM. If he isn't responding to you, send me a PM and I'll forward your message to him. Have a great day guys! Redback93's Newgrounds page

Da Munchers is up!

Da Munchers

2010-07-18 02:57:07 by Maccamuffin

I'm almost done in my 3rd animation (first with any effort) It is the first in a series.
The first four are to be of shorts introducing the characters. All I shall say is that it will be called 'Da Munchers'

New animation

2010-04-10 05:31:22 by Maccamuffin

I'm making an animation for a school project which i plan to submit to newgrounds when it is done. It's about the battle of Stanford bridge in 1066 in England.

better sound

2009-03-11 07:25:02 by Maccamuffin

i got a better sound recorder for my music so my third song will be better sound quality.